Get Your Child's Version Of The Weather On Good Morning Oklahoma

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak has something fun planned for Green Country kids each day on Good Morning Oklahoma.

It's called Kickin' It Old School, a chance for kids to see their own version of the 8-day planner on air.

Andrew got the idea after last week's computer meltdown, which had him hand-drawing his weather maps, charts and radar.

It's simple to take part in the fun. all that your child has to do is draw their version of the 8-day forecast that Andrew shows each morning.

When they're done, send it to:

Kickin' It Old School
c/o Andrew Kozak
P.O. Box 8
Tulsa, OK 74101

Include your name, age and city/town. Teachers, you can send us your class pictures as well.

Have fun and happy drawing!