Semi-truck, Car Collide on Hwy. 412; Second Car Hits Wrecker

A wreck on Hwy. 412 Wednesday morning involved a semi-truck and car resulted in a second wreck during cleanup and sent two people to the hospital.

The semi-truck was transporting wheat and heading eastbound on U.S. 412 at 26 5th around 7:30 a.m. when the driver said the Ford Fiesta pulled out in front of him to turn left, but failed to yield.

The semi-truck hit the Ford, pushing it onto the center median, and flipped onto its side.

As emergency crews responded to the scene, a second car rear ended a wrecker that was picking up the Ford at full highway speed.

The woman told troopers she was doing something on her cell phone. She was cited for distracted driving. Emergency workers say the problem is happening too often. They want drivers to understand work zones and accident scenes are not photo opportunities.

"I think if they came out here and put a vest and a hat on and stood here and watched and listened to the sounds and speed of traffic, they'd have a better pperspectiveon what we do out here," said Martin Stewart of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

OHP troopers are continuing their investigation.

Two people from the Ford Fiesta were taken to the hospital.

The driver, Rocky Walker, 35, was treated and released.

His passenger, 62-year-old Lennel Walker was admitted in critical condition with head and trunk injuries. She is now in stable condition.