Sequoyah County Town Hit with Spray Painting Vandals

One Green Country community southeast of Tulsa continues to deal with vandalism issues affecting several buildings across the town.

Marble City is located in Sequoyah County north of Sallisaw. And it's there that the community has seen widespread vandalism in the form of spray painting on buildings and signs.

City officials told KTUL that the issue originally began at the community center then moved to city hall and are now on the greeting signs as you enter the town. It's cost the town money and time spent fixing the signs.

Marble City Police Chief James Cheney said that since the issue began he has repainted city hall three times. Most of the vandalism has been directed at the police department with the message "KOS" (Kill On Sight) being spray painted.

No suspects have been identified as of Wednesday. But officials urge residents to call the police department with any information that could lead them to arrests at 918-775-3002.