Server Issues Continue to Affect Tulsa Classrooms

Issues continue to plague Tulsa students and teachers this week after a server kept them from taking important end of the year exams.

On Tuesday morning, testing was set to resume across Tulsa Public School classrooms as various end-of-the-year exams were conducted. This was after issues with the testing software had been affecting those taking the exams for the past few weeks.

TPS administrator Chris Payne told KTUL that faculty began seeing issues pop up again this morning putting a stop to the tests. Some of the issues reported included students not being able to log into the system or being kicked-off midway.

Payne said that McGraw-Hill notified TPS and other school districts that server problems would be resolved this afternoon. He outlined the importance of these tests for students, teachers and the school district as a whole.

There was no word on whether issues continued in the classrooms.