Setting An Example - Don't Talk/Text And Drive

If it has something to do with a vehicle, you can find it in the massive Bumper to Bumper auto parts warehouse. Batteries, alternators, fuses and funnels, all of them boxed up and delivered with another item they have in abundance, responsibility.

"We don't want to put any of our drivers in danger," said Matt Rankin.

Stuck on the back of each tailgate? A blue sticker that proudly reads...

"How's my driving, we're cell phone free. If you see our drivers using a cell phone please call the number," said Mark Dawson.

Not just don't text and drive, they don't even talk and drive.

"It shows our commitment to the safety of our employees and those around them," said Dawson.

A magnitude of safety that's multiplied by 15 delivery trucks that can each travel up to 300 miles a day.

"If they receive any kind of phone message or text they're to pull over or wait till their next stop before they call us back," said Dawson.

All right here's the point in the story where we ask if drivers ever get busted?

"I'm not going to tell you that we don't get the occasional phone call because we do, and that's great that's why we put those on there, we want to know if someone's using the cell phone," said Dawson.

The driver is then reminded that safety is job one, and that tends to sink in, even filtering over into their off the job driving.

"It become habit, so the more you don't do it in your work vehicle maybe that'll carry over to you personal vehicle," said Rankin.

A push for safety that can also push down the cost of doing business. Since the initiative started, their number of fender benders has dropped.

"I can't tell you it's because of that sticker, or because we make sure that our drivers stay off their cell phones, but I can tell you that we've had a reduction in accidents over the last two years," said Dawson.