Sex Offender Registry One Step In Identifying Criminals

Tulsa Police detective Bill Bohner has a file on every locally registered sex offender, but those who commit crimes against children are still getting around the law.

The largest number who molest children never get reported. "That is one of the problems with it," Bohner said.

Sharon Doty is a child abuse prevention expert.

"The sex offender registry is a great thing for identifying people who are risky in your neighborhood but people get a false sense of security if they go and look that there's nobody in their neighborhood that's on the registry," Doty said.

"Most sex offenders are never caught reported convicted and they don't show up on the registry."

But the registry is still a place to start. For sexual offenders in Tulsa, take a look at the home page of, go to the crime tracker box, click on sex offender, enter your address and you can find the offenders registered in your neighborhood.

"You should be confident about the information on there but you can't get a sense of that you're 100 percent safe because there are unknowns in the world," Bohner said.

"There are predators out there who we haven't caught and convicted," Bohner said.