Shawn Jackson Can Flat Out Fly

The Tulsa Golden Hurricane have 35 players that grew up here in Green Country and 29 are from the Tulsa metro area alone. Which makes their success that much more special if you ask me.

Tulsa McLain product Shawn Jackson is the returning leader in tackles. Even thought he missed the first three games of the season, he still had 88 tackles last year with five sacks.

Shawn is one of the fastest, big guys you'll ever see.

"We jokingly and out of context it doesn't sound very nice, but we refer to Shawn as a fat athlete." said Tulsa head football coach Bill Blankenship. You would think that make Shawn a little upset, but he knows exactly what coach is talking about.

"I take it as a complement." Tulsa linebacker Shawn Jackson said, "I've always been a big kid all my life. As long as the coaching staff know that I can still produce. But going into the summer I wanted to lose some weight. I feel like I was too heavy at the end of the season last year. So that was one of my goals to drop some weight and be ready for my senior season.

Shawn is an animal on the field and most of the teams Tulsa plays can't believe he so fast.

"He doesn't look the part. His body shape and all that stuff, but my lands can he play." Blankenship added, "He fools people and I'm talking about the guys he plays against because he's got some excellent quicks.

Shawn and the Golden Hurricane open the season on the road at Bowling Green August the 29th.