A Sign of Hope in the Shawnee Rubble

240 homes were damaged when the tornado hit Shawnee and for many families, getting back to normal is still a long way off.

"They're going to replace this whole brick wall," said Eddie Reed. He is currently on medical leave from work due to a heart condition.

"And my cardiologist wants me to stay away from stress," he said.

So naturally, life threw a tornado into his house.

"It's less stress at work than it is dealing with insurance companies, contractors, mortgage companies," he said.

His house is covered in blue tarp, his day to day covered in red tape. Insurance checks, for example, arrive made out to him and the mortgage company.

"So we have to send the check to our mortgage company which is in Michigan," he said.

And yet, he's one of the more fortunate homeowners, cause down the street there's a clean pot in a dishwasher that won't be washing any more dishes. And not far from that pile of rubble is the home of Sherry Davis.

"Well, I'm actually still waiting for my contractor to call me back," she said.

In the meantime, her son is replacing two windows. And while there's plenty of other damage on her house to see, it's what's out back that the real sight.

"It gives me chills when I see it," she said.

A concrete cross capped with a bucket. Tornado rubble that must have been deliberately displayed like that, right?

"No, no, it was just, they just dumped it and it appeared like that," she said.

A relief worker described it as an ebenezer, not as in Scrooge, but as in the book of Samuel.

"Something is left there for you not to forget, for you to remember what happened," she said.

A reminder out of ruin, that helps put problems into perspective

"I feel that I was very blessed," she said.

"We count our blessings," said Reed.