Sheriff Deputies Issue Warrant For Creek County Man After A Shooting

Creek County Sheriff Deputies have issued an arrest warrant for a man after they say he shot his friend in the leg.

Deputies say Austin Longoria shot Edward Duncan in the leg.

Longoria, Duncan and Amanda Capps went to their friend Lythia Buff's house for a visit.

An arrest report indicates the friends were talking in a bedroom when Longoria kicked open the bedroom door and started waving a gun.

Buff's two young boys were on the couch watching cartoons, so Longoria and Duncan took the fight outside.

Everyone told police they saw Longoria shoot Duncan once in the leg.

Capps and Longoria left, and that's when Longoria hid the gun.

He told Capps to drive to her apartment and took all of her money.

Deputies say they are asking for a high bond for Longoria because of the danger the victims are in and Longoria's criminal history.