Sheriff Has No Plans To Enforce Gun Control

President Obama begins his second term, and anything gun related-- could be one of his biggest challenges. A local sheriff is joining the conversation-- and opposes the President's "recent initiatives."Sheriff Bob Colbert says he's been getting phone calls from Wagoner County Residents.

He doesn't want citizens worried about anything that interferes with the right to bear arms.

Add Sheriff Bob Colbert to a few others in law enforcement taking a stand against President Obama's proposed gun law changes.

"Now I assure you there's a lot more agencies that feel the same way that I do," says Colbert.

Last week the President signed 23 executive orders including one that makes more information available for background checks. @

"In my opinion is clearly if any of those orders do come down as a violation of the citizens of Wagoner County's rights to bear arms, adds Colbert."

Sheriff Colbert doesn't appear concerned about any legal ramifications at this point.

"We have not consulted the district attorney, I mean I took an oath office to the citizens of Wagoner County and that was to uphold the U.S.Constitution and Oklahoma's state constitution.

The national conversation about guns has increased following the Newton school shootings. Clearly guns are getting into the wrong hands.

Says resident Darin Montgomery of Wagoner, "All the good guys got to pay to carry a gun you think the bad guys gotta pay to carry a gun. I doubt it.

"I think what Obama is doing is wrong. He knows the second amendment too, he just took an oath today that says he will uphold all the things he says he's going to do and that's our second amendment right, says resident Loretta Collis.@