Drunken Oklahoma Teens Steal, Wreck Fire Trucks

Photo from KHBS/KHOG

Two Oklahoma teens are in custody after they reportedly got drunk and stole and wrecked two Monroe Volunteer Fire Departments trucks.

The 17-year-old suspects reportedly stole a brush truck and crashed it into a tree, causing considerable damage. As a result, that truck is not currently usable. Then, the suspects reportedly drove the brush truck back to the station and picked up a pumper truck. Authorities say they tried to engage the pump while driving down the road, which caused major damage to the truck.

LeFlore Co. sheriff Rob Seale estimated several thousand dollars worth of damage to each vehicle.

The suspects then drove to Poteau and stopped right in front of the home of an off-duty LeFlore Co. deputy, with the truck's sirens blaring. The deputy alerted Poteau police, who arrested the suspects.

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Office says the two 17-year-old's were arrested on two counts of burglary, two counts of stolen motor vehicle and two counts of felony malicious mischief. One of the boys was reportedly DUI and the other was publicly intoxicated. Both were sent to juvenile detention centers.

"It's sad that two kids had nothing better to do than get drunk and damage the trucks," Seale said. "They seriously affected this rural community's ability to respond to fires. If there is a big house fire in Monroe, they might have to call for assistance now."

The LCSO is unsure how the two boys had the access to code to enter the fire department. Firefighters always leave the keys in their trucks so they can respond quickly to calls.

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