New Details Come To Light In Deadly Jenks Shooting

A teenager is behind bars accused of breaking into a home and killing the woman inside.

Tulsa County deputies arrested 14-year-old Joshua Scott Mooney of Jenks and two others Tuesday, Dec. 18.

The trio was found in a car near Sapulpa. It was stolen from outside a Jenks home following a home invasion shooting that morning.

Mooney was questioned, and according to arrest documents, told investigators what happened with his mother's permission.

Mooney admitted to breaking into a home near 400 E 111th Street. He was looking for money and came across a small collection of guns. While inside, 47-year-old Mary Escue came home.

Mooney told investigators he got scared and hid in the kitchen holding at .22 rifle. Once Escue came in, he surprised her and forced her into a nearby room.

That's where, Mooney said, he held the gun to Escue's head and pulled the trigger.

From there, Mooney said he grabbed change, money from the victims wallet and took the car. He handed the gun to another person who he'd recently met and was also picked up when Mooney was arrested.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Shannon Clark said the woman was visiting her parents at their home and didn't live there.

Mooney is being held in the juvenile center of the jail.