Sheriff's Office Investigates Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Union High School

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Department is investigating allegations of a sexual impropriety between a Union Public Schools employee and a student at Union High School.

The accusations surfaced Friday when a school resource officer generated a report and contacted deputies, said TCSO spokesperson Shannon Clark.

He said that although these types of allegations are taken seriously, no victim has come forth.

KTUL received an email from a viewer with similar information. Union Public Schools said the Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation.

"Someone else is stirring the pot on this one. It's not a family member or a victim," he said.

Clark stressed that it is still too early in the process for the department to release information to the public. An investigator was just assigned to the case Monday.

They have been provided names of those allegedly involved but they have not been able to verify the credibility of the information nor if a crime was committed.Reportedly, the employee in question resigned from the district.Channel 8 has received reports that it is possible the young man might also not currently attend classes at Union.