Sheriffs Office Keeps Fair Running Smoothly

As fairgoers huddled out at the gates, sheriffs deputies huddled up with a game plan neatly summarized with the chaplain's prayer.

"When the knuckleheads come out here, we squish 'em, we win, amen," he said.

And with that, it was off on a ride along with Deputy Billy McKelvey.

"This is my fifth fair," he said.

What's he's looking for as he scans the crowds?

"Looking for a little bit of everything. I'm looking for bulges on people. I'm looking for any type of suspicious activity where someone may try to do a purse snatching, stuff like that," he said.

Not that there's much of that. Last year, attendance was 1,022,000, an the total number people arrested?

"We only had six arrests last year which is very small," he said.

Part of that success is due to the relationships they've built up over the years.

"What do you know man? Not much, how you doing?," replied Mark Bevan, who has been roasting corn at Freddie's for 21 years and feels as cozy as one of his corn on the cobs.

"We have one of the safest places in town," he smiled.

That's not to say he couldn't get into trouble himself.

What is the penalty for being too delicious? "Let me tell you what if there was a penalty, this place and the shrimp on a stick is the best food out here, by far,' said McElvey.

Also arresting out here, the sight of a slew of new rides. And with a new vendor, a fresher, cleaner look.

"They are cleaner. It is my understanding the vendor that's here with the rides, downs his rides several months a year, changes all the lights, repaints them, repairs them," he said.

Tulsa State Fair 2013; here's a corn on the cob cheer to another great year.