Shipping Presents? Beware of Thieves!

Today is expected to be one of the busiest days for shipping holiday packages. FedEx expects a record number of orders. But more packages, also mean more opportunities for thieves.

Here in Tulsa, The Midtown Alert Neighbors are reporting theft in their neighborhood. If you are expecting a box to be delivered, and left on your front door, think twice, in fact ask someone in that neighborhood.

It doesn't matter if you are sending or receiving packages, now is the time to safeguard your front porch. In midtown, near the 21st and Lewis community, a crook took a box from Amazon off someone's doorstep, and it happened with two other packages in the last two weeks.

At a local UPS store, they see many customers come, and ship items off. As a consumer, make sure you first of all, wrap your box carefully. Then, check on insuring your package. UPS offers a value up to $100 free. Remember to designate whether you want the package delivered with or without a signature.

"The only problem with that is that you have to be home to get it, and some people are not home, so sometimes there is an alternative shipment, like you could ship to a UPS store, there might be a fee but it would mean it would not be left at your doorstep," said Linda Hopkins, UPS store owner.

It may cost to have your item insured, but it could be worth it. Even with insurance, you may have to prove how much your item was valued at, and you may have to wait weeks to get your payout.