Shock Basketball Academy Begins Workouts

While the Tulsa Shock gets ready for its next game Thursday night at Los Angeles, the organization behind the team was trying to get Tulsa kids ready for their own basketball.The Shock Basketball Academy is hosting the first extreme basketball camp in Tulsa. The Shock Academy is the new organization backed by the basketball team.Today, we caught up with the campers at the St. John Siegfried Health Center where they were getting a cross-training workout from trainer John Jackson. The camp focused on total body workout and starts bright and early before 8 o'clock and doesn't let up until 8 p.m. each night."We've been doing our extreme basketball camps for about ten years now," explains Joe Crawford. "We do them all over. This is our first year in Tulsa, but it's also our first year with the Tulsa Shock. We are now a part of Shock basketball. They have come to Tulsa, they've purchased our basketball academy so it's given us an opportunity to expand into the Tulsa market and we're super excited."To learn more, visit