Shock Basketball Academy Makes Learning Healthy Lifestyles Fun

Roughly a year ago, the front office for the Tulsa Shock were brainstorming on how they could make the impact in the local community.

Their solution: The Tulsa Shock Basketball Academy.

"We've been going to different places and it's been well-received. The kids have a lot of fun," said Erik Newendorp, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Academy.

This week grade school students at Holland Hall were taken by surprise when Volt, the team's mascot, made an entrance with five back flips and a landing Mary Lou Retton could appreciate.

From there, the kids become active participants in physcial competitions along with lessons on healthy eating and exercise.

As they gain experience with educating local adolescents, Tulsa Shock Basketball Academy continues to improve their craft as well.

"No assembly is ever the same. It's always different," explained emcee Mary Moore. "Which is exciting. But it's challenging as well. And it's made us all better at what we do."

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