Shock Gives Back To Kids in Moore

A day after another heartbreaking loss the Tulsa Shock were on the road Monday. Not to play, but to give back and heal the hearts of some kids in Moore, OK.

Monday morning the Shock put on a clinic for elementary and middle school students who were affected by the May 20th tornado.

They gave them basketballs, jump ropes, water bottles and toys. It was a pretty amazing sight to see the kids with their new treasures.

I think the day meant just as much to the Shock players as it did for the kids.

"I love working with kids." said Tulsa Shock point guard Angel Goodrich, "Just getting to know them, see them play, having fun and being apart of something special. I makes me feel great."

"The most fun was getting my t-shirt autographed!" said Tulsa Shock Forward Jennifer Lacy, "I thought it would be extra special to help them feel like celebrities for the day. Because it really is about them and coming out here and making them feel special."

After the clinic was over the Shock players and staff toured the tornado ravaged areas where these kids went to school.