Shooting In Owasso May Be Self-Defense


Police are investigating a shooting in Owasso that may be self-defense.
Police say 38-year-old Edward Templeton was trying to force himself into an
Owasso home when the homeowner shot and killed him.

Police say the homeowner and Templeton knew each other. Just hours earlier,
they had a verbal and physical fight at the house. When Templeton tried to get
back into the home, the homeowner shot and killed him, claiming self

Ryan Brooke is a neighbor who has lived in the subdivision for three years.
He says it very family friendly.

"There are quite a few families and kids," Brooke said. "People walk around,
run, go to the pool and stuff like that."

Sunday afternoon, Brooke's girlfriend drove into the neighborhood and found
the road blocked off, cop cars, and a house down the street taped off.

Owasso police say Templeton was killed when he tried to force his way into
the home.

"There's a presumption on law's part, if someone is breaking into your home
and kicking your front door in, there's a right to self-defense inside your own
home," said Deputy Chief Scott Chambless. "But every circumstance is

Police are investigating if the homeowner was justified in the shooting.
Police say Templeton may have consumed alcohol, but are awaiting the Medical
Examiner's report before they know the Blood Alcohol level. Police say Templeton
did not have a weapon.

"Under some circumstances, even if somebody is not armed, a homeowner does
have the right to defend their home," said Chambless.

Templeton's wife and five-year-old son were inside the home with the homeowner at the time of the shooting.

After the investigation, the case will go to the District Attorney. Owasso
Police say crime like this is unusual for the city. They have not had a homicide
in 8 years.