Man Killed in North Tulsa Shooting

A man was killed during a property issue in the 600 block of East Young Place, Monday afternoon.

Officers and paramedics were dispatched to a home around 4 p.m. on multiple "shots fired" calls.

Upon arrival, they found 26-year-old Jonta Perry dead inside a wrecked Lincoln in a yard.

"The Investigation revealed that Perry used to live at 612 E Young Pl and the present occupant had been slowly moving his items into the residence. There was a civil dispute between Perry and the landlord at this location," says Sgt. Dave Walker. "Perry had items inside the residence and wanted to claim those items. The landlord would not allow this for an unknown reason."

According to Sgt. Walker, Perry showed up at the house, confronted the new tenant and assaulted him.

"Witnesses confirm that Perry was choking and beating the tenant," says, Sgt. Walker. "Perry got into his vehicle and made threats towards the tenant. The tenant, fearing that Perry was going for a gun, shot Perry multiple times."

When the Medical Examiner arrived on scene a pistol was reportedly discovered in Perry's pocket.

The tenant has been questioned and released. He will not be identified unless charges are filed by the Tulsa County District Attorney's office.