Hillcrest Shooting Victim Identified

The initial call to Hillcrest security was for suspicious activity."We have somebody messing with vehicles in the parking lot," said Sgt. Dave Walker of the Tulsa police department.

When security arrived at approximately 3:40 p.m. Friday they found a 35-year-old Hispanic male.

"And upon confronting that male, the male took off running. They gave foot chase. There's evidence of some OC spray being deployed. The male resisted, and the security officers then saw the male with a gun. The security officer fired upon that individual and killed him," said Sgt. Walker.

As the scene swarmed with police, the windows of the Heart Institute filled with onlookers. Meanwhile, down below...

"We saw him run and we saw the shot," said one witness.

Witnesses were heading to the police station to give statements on what they saw unfold.

"We just saw him running and heard a gunshot," said another witness.

Police say they recovered a loaded gun, and that the deceased was shot once, and pronounced dead at the scene. The gun was a loaded .40 caliber handgun reported stolen out of Oklahoma City.

The deceased victim was identified as Jorge Urbina, 35.

An alert employee initially called Hillcrest security after seeing a suspicious male in the parking lot. During the chase of the deceased suspect, a black pickup truck fled the scene. The vehicle was determined to be that of the deceased male and his girlfriend was found in the truck. Numerous stolen good were found inside the vehicle, police say

Witness accounts and evidence confirm that the suspect was allegedly trying to steal a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He was shot and killed after security guards confronted him and chased him.

The two suspects are from the Fort Worth, Texas area, Tulsa detectives said.

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