Shooting Victim Concerned For Suspects

The basics of this story are shocking enough to begin with.

"All of a sudden I heard this loud pop," said Scott Burton, driving along yesterday minding his own business, when his arm suddenly started bleeding after that loud pop.

"I knew I was hurt, I didn't know it was a gunshot," he said.

Straight through his windshield. Immediately creating a welt in his forearm.

"The welt that I saw instantly was actually where the bullet had stopped and was this lump against my flesh," he said.

Under arrest, three teens, who police say had skipped classes at McClain and had set up a snipers nest on the roof of a building. Now, this is where the story gets even more shocking. When Scott reveals what kind of punishment he thinks those kids should get.

"Well honestly, I'm not sure that punishment is the ideal," he said.

Yeah, you heard that right. Scott is actually worried about the futures of the kids who could have easily killed him.

"Because you do one truly foolish thing in your life, when you're so young, it's not what you want to say is the end of your world. You're gone. It's done. You've screwed up everything," he said.

Yes, he wants them held accountable but more importantly, he wants them to get help.

"What brought you to this point? And how do we improve what caused this?" he asked.

Call it turning the other cheek, call it empathy, call it an extraordinary act of placing yourself in the shoes of someone who shot you.

"I'll admit,I wasn't the best kid. Did you ever shoot at anybody? No, I did not." he said.