Shoppers Prepare for Storm

Many shoppers swung through Reasor's Sunday to "stock up" for the possible severe weather.

"That's what I hear," said shopper Butch Payton. "We got a good storm last night too. We lost some tree limbs and everything in the front yard, so getting ready for the next one."

Payton said he already has plenty of bottled water at home. He bought canned food and other basic food items to be sure his family is stocked should severe weather strike.

A worker at the store said they have likely sold more weather alert radios than normal at this point in the season. Reasor's had lighters, flashlights, and batteries grouped close together at the ends of aisles for shoppers.

Others said they were not very concerned and were not doing anything special to prepare for the storm.

Still, the majority said they would be staying informed Sunday night through television and radio.

"You pay attention to any bad weather, because you never know," said shopper Gloria Framel.