Shoppes on Peoria Audited by Feds

The future looks bright in the large sign illustrating the Shoppes on Peoria. Coming soon, it shouts. But so far, the only thing there is an overgrown lot with trash and debris, and a federal audit report pointing fingers.

"I'm sick and tired of it, I don't know what's going to happen from here, but I know they will hear from me in the morning," said Tulsa City councilor Jack Henderson, taking exception to an audit from The Office of Inspector General which places the bulk of the blame for the lack of progress on the Greenwood Community Development Corporation, saying they didn't plan to complete the project on time, lacked financial capacity to complete the project, and lacked financial controls.

"What the Greenwood chamber lacked was cooperation from Grants Administration to help them make this project go, that was the only thing that they lacked," he said.

"Did the city do anything wrong with the Greenwood Shoppes on Peoria project?," News Channel 8 asked Tulsa City Manager Jim Twombly.{}"Well, I don't know that I'd say we did anything wrong," he said.

But the audit says the city mismanaged its recovery act funding by, in part, not making sure that Greenwood could get the job done.

"I think everybody needs to take give more attention to the capacity that these sub recipients have to actually accomplish what is they are proposing to do," said Twombly.

But Henderson says ability has nothing to do with it, that Greenwood was road blocked by good old fashioned politics.

"The people with Grants Administration did not want Reuben Gant to get this project though and they worked hard and feverishly to make sure he didn't get it," said Henderson.