Local Businesses Hoping for Area Black Friday Shoppers

Big box stores and Black Friday go hand in hand, but there are plenty of stores in Tulsa with smaller boxes as well

"We make all the packaging in here as well as the chocolate," said Bill Copeland of Glacier Confection, with every type of delicious ooh and ahh you can imagine. His Black Friday deal?

"One bar, half price, one day only," he said.

And not just any bar, when it comes to chocolate, this is THE bar.

"This is the most rare chocolate in the world, there's only 20 tons produced worldwide," he said.

And after your taste buds have experienced heaven, be sure to put in your ear buds down at the 2A Shooting Center.

"Firearms, accessories, ammunition, basically everything we sell in the pro shop is going to be sold tax free," said Eric Fuson.

That's right, their Black Friday deal is no sales tax on your purchase, including a weapon that uses table salt to give bugs lethal does of high blood pressure.

"It's absolutely lethal on small insects, flies, and spiders and anything you might happen to have around up to about 6 feet," he said.

From there, head back to Glacier for one more treat and the secret to how Bill keeps off the pounds in a chocolate shop...

"I try to ride my bike about 300 miles a week. Seriously? Yeah," he laughed.

Then, head over to that T-town gem Dwelling Spaces to see what they're doing for Black Friday.

"We always try to throw some special, you know this year we're doing buy 5 T-shirts get the 6th free," said Mary Beth Babcock.

Shopping local on Black Friday, putting a spring in your holiday shopping step, and a song in the heart of your local retailer.

"This is the best time of the year!" she sang.