Shotgun Blasts Fired into Broken Arrow Home Overnight

The Broken Arrow Police Department is investigating after shotgun blasts were fired through the front windows of a residence early Sunday morning.

The incident happened on the 1000 block of North Yellowood.

We spoke with the homeowner, Raymond Wilson, who told KTUL that about 2:30 a.m. he and his wife were awakened by "what sounded like a bomb was going off."

Thinking someone was breaking in, this former police officer walked around his home and discovered that two windows had been broken.

He later learned from Broken Arrow Police that someone had shot at his home with a shotgun.

Wilson told us that and his family had only been living there for about four months but BAPD told him they were familiar with the property.

"The previous renters were shady. I guess they had a lot of traffic over here and they had some drug arrests and stuff like that related to this home," said the homeowner.

He wants people to know that the previous residents have moved and that he and his family have nothing to do with them.

BAPD indicated that a small silver car could have been involved but were not able to locate any suspects. They also reported that no one was harmed.

"Nobody was injured. Thank God," said Wilson. "You can replace a window, you can replace a piece of furniture, but you can't replace a life."