Should Hotel & Car Rental Taxes Be Increased?

When it comes to taxes on visiting travelers, Tulsa gets an A for kindliness, charging just 5% for hotel tax and no special tax if you rent a car.

"We're on the low end of the scale of the percentage that we charge hotel/motel so we have the opportunity to raise that up a little bit, and also we're one of the few cities that don't have that similar tax on our car rental," said Tulsa city councilor David Patrick.

Increasing both hotel and rental cars taxes could be a substantial source of additional revenue, but how far do you push it?

"The issues there are how much could you raise it without making us non-competitive with other cities," said Tulsa city councilor GT Bynum.

"We're not advocating any sort of increase until we have some research," said Ray Hoyt of Visit Tulsa. He says a third party will be crunching numbers on the topic so that...

"We don't overburden any one of the tourism related businesses and make them not competitive, that would be contradictory to growing your business," he said.

The results of that study could take several months, but eventually Tulsa's economy could wind up getting an additional shot in the arm.

"And this would be people from outside the city, paying this tax to help grow our city," said Patrick.