Should Teachers Be Allowed to Wear Guns?

They are the familiar sights of a classroom; books, chalk, and desks. And possibly being added to that list? Armed educators.

"At some point, somebody has to stick their chin out," said Oklahoma state Rep. Mark McCullough, who's bill to allow teachers and administrators to pack heat is tackling some age old philosophies about guns and schools.

"I really feel that we have to challenge this orthodoxy of the gun free zone, the idea that if we say, 'There shall be no guns here, then there shall be no violence here, there will be nothing bad that will happen here,' and it's just not true," he said.

Teachers who choose to participate would undergo the same CLEET weapons training program that police officers go through and would then wear their guns like a regular cop.

"The idea of simply throwing up our hands and saying, 'Oh no, no guns here,' is not going to prevent a madman from walking in the door and shooting children," he said.

"I don't see a bill like that gaining traction, I don't see it being very practical," said Kenny Lehman of NYC pizza, expressing concern that more weapons may mean more problems.

"How do we know that the teachers, even though they can go through the training and get the evaluations, and become CLEET certified, they're going to be of sound mind and body?" he asked.

Meanwhile, enjoying some NYC manicotti...

"When I was a kid we worried about grades. Now the kids in school are worried about getting out without getting shot or beat up," said Bob Guida.

And maybe if the teacher has a .22 instead of an apple, there will be a little less to worry about.

"It's a sad thing that it has to come to this but if they're certified and go to all the classes and stuff like that, they're the first line of defense anyway, they're out to protect our children," he said.