Sign-Up Begins for Tulsa Alert System

Courtesy: City of Tulsa

Residents may now sign-up to receive Tulsa Alert messages. The city will use the program to notify residents of emergency situations in their area.

Landline phone numbers are already in the city's database. However, residents wishing to receive alerts via cell phone, SMS, and e-mail may register on the city's website.

City of Tulsa Spokesperson Kim MacLeod said the system will not send tornado alerts but will alert residents to situations like hazardous material spills and armed threats in the area.

Tulsa Alert also allows residents to register for non-emergency notifications, relating to topics like city meetings, city events, roadwork, park news, and more.

MacLeod said the city will also use the system internally to call employees to sites.

Cities like Broken Arrow and Bixby already utilize alert systems. MacLeod said Tulsa has not always had the funds for this kind of program, nor was there necessarily a large push for one until now. She said the money for Tulsa Alert comes from a federal grant and the general fund budget.

MacLeod said the city does not plan to bombard residents with messages.

"That's certainly not something that we want to do, because it's really there for emergency situations, and we don't want to dilute the purpose of that, for emergencies," MacLeod said.

Resident Latrice Gammell said she is interested in learning more about the program.

"It's something I may consider doing, because the area that I'm in," Gammell said.

Tulsa Alert will be able to send messages September 9th.