Simple Saving Strategies

Who doesn't want to save money, especially now.{} GMA consumer correspondent Elisabeth Leamy recently saved one family more than 100 thousand dollars. While your savings will certainly vary... the strategies can be tried by just about anyone.

The Shoblock family was in a financial mess and needed help.{} Mother Robin Shoblock says, "I'm sure if you ask the kids, they'll tell you that there's been a lot of stress in the house."{}{} Some of the strategies used to reduce their stress, and bills,{} can also be applied to your situation.

  • Shop around for cable, phone, internet and wireless providers.
  • You can also shop around for medical procedures.
  • You may also save money by refinancing your car loan.{} Most people have never even heard of doing that, but it saved the Shoblocks nearly two thousand dollars.
  • Have credit card debt?{} Use low interest savings to pay off sky high interest debt.
  • And look into adjustable rate mortgages to refinance your home.{} ARMs could be a wise choice if you know you're going to sell before the rates adjust.

These simple strategies may not save you a hundred thousand dollars, like it did the Shoblocks... but using a few of them could go a long ways in cutting your bills and stress.