Simulated Disaster Prepares Leaders For The Real Thing

Emergency managers from all over the state spent the day testing their skills in Okmulgee.

Leaders worked on a training exercise called "Earth, Wind, Fire."

The purpose of the exercise was to make sure Oklahoma is ready in case there is a catastrophic event.

Managers laid out emergency plans in a simulated scenario, having disaster relief teams work through the situation.

"We're shaking the rust off, getting people together so that we can test what we've got here in Okmulgee County," says Tim Craighton, the Director of Emergency Management for Okmulgee County. "Do we know each other, can we work together, what's our strengths, what's our weaknesses."

They do this once a year so they can evaluate the results and find ways to improve.

The Red Cross and even many firefighters also took part.