Slick Roads As Temps Fall

The yellow hazard light was flashing as an after the fact warning, 'Hey drivers, don't let what happened to me, happy to you.'

"I guess the sleet just got the best of us, we spun out and ran straight into the wall," said Wayne Humphrey, his PT Cruiser, crunched into the wall on the IDL around 7:45 PM.

"We was driving earlier it was all fine and stuff and then I guess as the night got on, the roads got worse," he said.

"There's about 64 of them out running right now, just checking the routes," said Tim McCorkell of the city of Tulsa.

At the sand and salt yard, the front loader is ready to re-supply the fleet.

"When we start getting some bridges that are getting down to 32 1/2 to 33 degrees, we'll start putting some material down so we can get 'em covered before they actually start to freeze," he said.

Fortunately for Wayne, no one was injured, other than everyone getting a little scared.

"Yeah, it was real scary actually," he said.

So take it easy out there, cause it's good for your health.

"It's all salt right, no sand? Straight salt, don't run any sand. That's bad for your blood pressure though. Yes, it is, but it's good for your blood pressure if you know you're driving on it and it's not ice," smiled McCorkell.