Slow Down on Neighborhood Streets

What's the speed limit in your neighborhood? Many of us cannot answer that question. Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25 is a campaign to remind drivers to go 25 miles per hours in neighborhoods."At busy times of the day we just don't come out into our driveway," says Kendra Burkhalter.Midtown mom, Burkhalter is a mother of two. Reagan the three year old tricycle pro and older sister Lauren is a tricycle navigator. When it comes to Burkhalter's kiddos, she's turns into a momma bear. "I've waved at them and yelled slow down," says Burkhalter about fast drivers.She says in her neighborhood there is a problem with speeders, especially on her corner where traffic gets confused trying to find their way around two concrete islands. Not to mention no speed limits posted. She's called in complaints but hasn't seen many changes. {}{}{} {}"There's no way financially they can put signs out in every neighborhood our on every street," says Tulsa Police officer Craig Murray. Murray says neighborhood speeding is their biggest complaint but there's not a whole lot they can do. They don't have the manpower to patrol every street nor the money to post signs everywhere.

Drivers need to remember it's 25 miles per hour in every neighborhood, unless posted differently. "If a child or even an adult is hit with someone going 40 miles per hour 85% of the time that person is going to die whereas 25 miles an hour only about 5%of the time," says Murray.

In Burkhalter's neighborhood it's not just people that drivers have to look out for. "We have a pond with geese and ducks and a couple of peacocks that live around and they come out into the street," says Burkhalter. She says speeders have booted her from her own driveway.

"I really don't even like being out here with her because they come so fast that I just feel like something could happen that quickly," says Burkhalter. "So we really just play in the backyard."

Unfortunately there was a peacock vs. vehicle accident recently in that neighborhood and the peacock didn't make it.

Another bit of advice, take notes. If you see a speeder in your neighborhood, write down the description of the car and tag number. Then hand that information over to the police. They may be able to track down the driver.