New Tulsa Police Radar Records Speeds, Collects Data

It's a problem a lot of neighborhoods complain about, folks driving too fast down residential roads.

"Speeding is the biggest complaint that we get," said TPD officer Craig Murray, rolling out TPD's brand spanking new speed monitor trailer.

"When someone approaches it, it will actually display their speed, and if they're going over the posted speed limit for that area, it's going to start flashing," he said.

All of which you most likely already new, but, this speed trailer does something extra.

"The big thing is having data collection, I'm real excited about that," he said.

It will actually keep a record of every vehicle's speed. That way when folks like Reggie Peters give dire descriptions of a situation in their neighborhood...

"I mean they'd go 90 to nothing down through here," he said.

Officer Murray will have the data to back it up.

"I'm going to be able to download it and look at it and say ok, we do have a speeding problem here, hey motorcycle unit, hey traffic unit, could you send someone out and monitor this area and slow some people down," said Murray.

A new and improved tool to get a better picture of just how bad a problem may be, with hopes of easing worries about all those kids in the neighborhoods.

"What if one of them darts out in the road, he's probably gonna get ran over," said Peters.