Smartphone Security Tips

This week, Starbucks announced you can pay for your coffee while you're waiting in line.{} The app is free to download and works with the company's Starbucks cards.{}{}{} And there's an app that lets you file taxes with your smartphone. Your smartphone is becoming a one-stop-shop for just about everything.{} Technology makes your life more convenient, but you've also got to be more careful. With so much personal information and credit card information in your purse or pocket, you'll want to take some extra caution. Here are a few security tips:

  • A password can be crucial, and set your phone to lock when you're away.
  • Make sure smartphone apps are from verified sources, especially if you're going to make any financial transactions.
  • Like your computer, be careful where you click. Consumer Reports' Mike Gikas says, "You get an email with a link in it and you think you're going to one website and it's really just another nefarious website set up to get your personal information."
  • Have a plan in place in case you lose your phone or it's stolen.{} There's software to remotely lock your smartphone or wipe it clean of all your information.

(Source: CNN)