SNAP Benefits Being Cut For Families

47 million Americans and about 600 thousand Oklahoman's are getting a cut to their food stamp benefits. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) are being cut because economic-stimulus money has run-out.

This means a family of four will get 35 dollars less a month, which is about 21 meals for that month. For families that are already have to watch what they spend, this could mean they are turning to places like the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Last year alone, the food bank and partners gave out 17.2 million pounds of food. So add these extra meals to that and everyone will have to stretch.

"We know we weren't meeting the needs last year and now that need will be bigger," Director of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma Eileen Bradshaw said. "A lot of our partners have already seen a big increase in the number of people turning to them for food assistance so we know this will be a stretch for them."

There are some foods that are better than others that can stretch your dollars. Bradshaw says to look for canned chicken and tuna, peanut butter, and beans. Even though the food bank doesn't know exactly how many more people will be in, they know one thing.

"We know that families that were already food insecure, this is going to compound their situation," Bradshaw said.

U.S. Congress is looking at further cuts for to those benefits, so there could be more cuts in the future.