Snow & Ice Wreak Havoc on Steep Roads

When snow and ice hit the five toughest areas to travel are 61st and Sheridan, 71st and Lewis, 81st and Yale, 61st and Elwood, and 36th street North and MLK Boulevard.

"Expect the unexpected," cautioned TPD Officer Craig Murray. He's speaking from experience. An experience that happened just yesterday as he tried to avoid someone who had slid off the road.

"I didn't want to hit them, I applied my brakes and I was too close, I slid, I didn't hit 'em but I hit a curb. So it happens to everybody," he said.

And it can happen even more so on those dastardly hills throughout town, like on 71st, or 81st and Yale.

"Yeah the incline one are the ones that are gonna get a lot of people," he said.

People like Chris Moore.

"This is my normal way I take to work up at 71st and Lewis," he said.

His car was angled on 61st and Elwood, like a stranded skier on a slope.

"I wasn't going but 20 mph around that curb and sure enough my tail end flipped on around and stuck right in the ditch," he said.

And if that wasn't bad enough he couldn't get a tow truck cause they were all busy with other stuck drivers. So he left it over night only to come back Monday and find all four of his tires had been stolen.

"It's just the luck of the world, you can't trust no one," he said.

So watch out Tuesday, cause the last thing you want is a cop banging up his car cause he's trying not to hit you, or you wind up on the side of the road and come back to a car that's been picked over by vultures.

"There's no way I'm dragging that sucker home like that," said Moore.

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