Snow Mixture Falls In Cushing

Visibility was reduced to about a half mile and heavy snow moved across Oklahoma from the west. The big snowflakes were welcome, because they meant moisture... something, farmers and ranchers will tell you they need.

"Yeah the snow is great it's about time."

Rick Johnson is not a meteorologist but he could be.

"Hey I got Weather 8 on my phone.

Wait he wants to show us. So he goes to his pick up to get his other phone.

"Right there baby!"

He even showed us how to use it which is why he wasn't caught off guard when he started seeing snow this morning in Cushing.

"Just like that go to radar. It's got a live radar screen so I can see where all the snow is at," says Johnson.

Meanwhile over at Atwood's....

"We have ice melt up front, we have the Rain-X up there."

Cynthia Niccum is ready for winter. Something she hasn't seen much of until today.

"I come out of the back end while ago, I was like I gotta go to the front to look at it," says Niccum.

A sand truck made several passes along highway 33 as the heavy snow fell and the temperatures fell to around the freezing mark. In Drumright, traffic appeared normal and moved freely through downtown and points beyond.