Snow Plows At Work In Skiatook

It's the second day of snow removal in Skiatook. The work started yesterday with crews putting out a mixture of salt and sand.

"That's ice, oh it is ice, I couldn't even get out of the driveway."

With a snow shovel in hand, Kim McDonald has spent the past hour outside ...and hard at work.

"I've still got to do the front yet everybody in my house is handicapped. And I'm the only one who can do it."

McDonald is getting help from the city of Skiatook. After crews plowed and sanded the main roads, they've returned to the neighborhoods to remove the snow.

"I'm glad they do, if they didn't we wouldn't get out as much as we can. We can get out first thing in the morning it's appreciated very much so," says McDonald.

The city says it's in good shape as far as its supply of salt and sand. but these harsh winters still end up costing cities like Skiatook.

"I think the financial impact is pretty much the same per capita. We have to do the same thing that larger cities have to do. We just don't have as many streets or miles of streets to deal with," says Dan Yancey, Skiatook City Manager.