Social Media And Vision 2: Who Wins?

Many Tulsa city and county leaders are pushing Vision-2 improvement projects. But, some conversations on social web sites tell a different story. Here we see how social media is advancing the Vision-2 debate.

Don't look for a bunch of campaign signs get about Vision 2 or even commercials. But what you will find is activity on social media.

"We're seeing vision 2 conversations on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, photo sharing sites, Google plus, Redit, file sharing sites," says Bill Handy who supports Vision 2.

Handy is helping craft the Vision 2 message as social media continues to provide an easy way for people to get any message on the Internet and find like minded individuals to engage in conversations. Vision 2 opponents appear more active and more vocal.

"The more outrageous the statements, the vote no people hear from the vote yes people the more likely they are to react," says Michael Bates of He does not support the vision 2 projects which for the City of Tulsa include, proposals for the public safety, higher education and, low water dams.

"I hope people will look beyond hey I get a piece of this to strategically what's the best thing for our city's growth and development in the future."

But does the activity on social media actually translate into voters going to the poll?

"Well the number of tweets for example or the number of followers and yet what we know is that Historically those don't provide any indication as to how a campaign will end up in the long run."