Some Carnival Cruise Passengers Return To Green Country

Several passengers from the recent malfunctioning Carnival cruise ship returned to their families in Green Country Friday.

"It's awesome. I'm shaking," said passenger Misty Brumm after being reunited with her daughter and sister. From Muskogee, she is one of more than 4,000 people who were stuck on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico with power outages and not much food for five days.

"There was sewage all over the floors, toilets were backing up. I mean, it was just, just a bad experience. I'm glad I'm back at home," said Brumm.

The ship safely reached land in Alabama overnight, and several passengers told Channel 8 they flew or began the drive home Friday.

Several passengers praised the crew for the work they did during power outages. Brumm said crew members gave up their own food for passengers.

Brumm's daughter said she does not expect she will ever take a cruise following her mother's experience. However, Brumm said she will probably use the free cruise Carnival is giving to passengers from the disaster.