Some Downtown Businesses Excited Mayfest is There

Last nights wind and rain brought some damage to Mayfest tents. About ten of them were damaged along with the art in them. Despite the weather, the event was successful and not just for the artists, but for the businesses along the streets.

Every year this festival closes down streets and pop-up art galleries are on display, but the tents are blocking the entrances to other local businesses. Two of those businesses like all the extra foot traffic.

"Even though business has been slowly building as the temperature gets nicer and warmer and people coming out we have definitely noticed an increase in traffic," says Owner of Decopolis Studios, William Franklin.

Franklin opened Decopolis last December and this is his first Mayfest. He says his business has doubled, maybe even tripled, from previous weekends. Even though their store is full of items, they didn't really expect all this free advertising.

"It could have been everybody a couple blocks over and we weren't getting hardly anything but we have been pleasantly surprised that there has been a lot of people coming through here," says Franklin.

Decopolis isn't the only business seeing the benefits. The Full Deco has been downtown for just six months as well and they love seeing all the people.

"It's a great way for people to walk through and say, oh I didn't know this was here," says Pat Kroblin, Co-Owner The Full Deco.

The Full Deco has a little bit of everything you might need from snacks to gift ideas. Kroblin says she has noticed one thing this weekend.

"It's time to come back downtown and find that there is retail. People know that there are restaurants down here, hotels down here and know there are businesses during the week but what they aren't realizing is that retail is coming back downtown," says Kroblin.