Some Power Outages, Possibility of Flooding Affects Green Country

A storm system passing through Green Country made for power outages and the possibility of flooding.Public Service Company of Oklahoma crews returned power to about 3,200 customers Wednesday morning. Spokesperson Stan Whiteford said it was likely a lightning bolt that struck a transmission line that caused the outages. It happened between 7:30 and 8 a.m. Whiteford said it took about a half hour to return power.PSO crews are staying on standby for the duration of the weather system."That's kind of anticipated on a day like this," Whiteford said. He said lightning and high winds can cause power outages. He said PSO is not expecting severe weather.Also, the potential for flooding means emergency management teams are on alert.Pittsburg County is facing a flood watch. Pittsburg County Emergency Management spent Wednesday keeping an eye on the radar and alerting storm spotters to the possibility of flooding.Assistant Director Hillary Steele said her emergency management office has eight storm spotters.Steele said the most likely place to flood in the McAlester area is along Highway 31. She said there are signs posted along the road, discouraging people from driving into high water."Don't do it, because once that water gets to flowing, it can stall your car, or push it completely off the road. That's why we have the signs for the 'Turn around, don't drown,'" Steele said.Pittsburg County will remain under flood watch until Thursday morning.For more information on Pittsburg County Emergency Management, visit this link.To report any possible PSO power outages, call 1-888-218-3919.