Some Republicans Back Kathy Taylor for Mayor

Several Tulsa republicans gathered at a Midtown home Thursday to publicly back Kathy Taylor in her run for mayor."I'm a Republican. Kathy's the only Democrat I've ever supported, but I support her as an individual, not because she's a Democrat," said Urologic Specialists of Oklahoma CEO, Steve Dobbs.November marks Tulsa's first nonpartisan mayoral election. Many of the speakers at the "Republicans for Taylor" event mentioned their interest in transparency and accountability. They support Taylor's plan to make government spending records available online for citizens.Dobbs said that during Taylor's time as mayor, she "never suggested more taxes were the answer."Taylor thanked the couple dozen attendees for their support. She spoke about the Green Waste issue, saying the city has not refunded citizens for a service they did not get.Mayor Dewey Bartlett's campaign released a statement about his current Republican support:"We are happy to talk about our republican endorsements. We have Senator Inhofe, Governor Fallin and Congressman Bridenstine leading the charge to re-elect Mayor Bartlett. As a former mayor Senator Inhofe understands the type of conservative management it takes to make Tulsa successful, as the leader of the state Governor Fallin knows how much those additional 9,000 jobs mean to the state of Oklahoma and Congressman Bridenstine, an ardent conservative who is known for standing against President Obama won't let a liberal, who affiliated herself with Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun policies, come back to office. We are proud to stand with a united Republican party to keep Tulsa headed in the right direction.We've seen a pattern from Kathy Taylor of trying to rewrite history and bury her past, but Tulsans won't fall for those tactics. "Former mayoral candidate Bill Christiansen said he will not endorse Bartlett for mayor about a week ago. The mayoral election is November 12th.