Some Residents Return to Brookside Apartments After Devastating Fire

Some residents returned to their Brookside apartments after a devastating fire Thursday morning.It happened at 4100 Apartments near 41st and Peoria. Residents told Channel 8 they are grateful no one was killed in the blaze, but many want to know what went wrong."I got up and I walked over. I think I was close by my thermostat. I heard a serious of pops and cracks, like something was really wrong," said resident Chuck Maddin. He has lived at the complex since 1995. He evacuated the facility with his neighbors when the fire broke out between two and three o'clock in the morning.Some residents said the complex is a slightly older facility and that there is no such thing as as too many safety checks.The Red Cross said 16 units experienced considerable damage. It is working with the complex to find shelter for those who are displaced. Two room mates told Channel 8 their apartment experienced flooding from the water used to put out the fire."Don't waste a minute of your life, because you never know," one of them said.The manager of the complex could not comment.