Some Tulsans Still Discussing Possibility of Brady Name Change

It's a street that leads straight to controversy. But could the bad blood over Brady street dead end if the name was changed to Burlington?

"I've talked to several people that felt that that was a safe name to change it to without any controversy at all, and I think that's what we need to do, we just need to keep it as low key as possible," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson.

As it turns out, Burlington was actually the originally planned name of the street before they decided to go with Brady.

"The city changing the name will send a message all across this city that we're not willing to continue to let that name stay with the taint that it has brought to this community," he said.

"I understand his point of view," but, says David Dees, owner of Club Majestic, there's another way to look at what it means to change the name.

"I think it's sweeping something under the rug, pretending that it didn't happen, you know people can't remember, they can't reflect, they can't look back at the change and say look, this is what was, look at what it can be," he said.

And if the name of the street is changed, would that have a domino effect for the names of the Brady District, the Brady Theater, and Brady Heights?

"That still remains to be seen, we don't know," said Henderson.

And, does it open up a can of worms for other uncomfortable names around town?

"Have you ever driven by the area in East Tulsa, White City, I mean I cringe every time I drive by that, not gonna lie," said Dees.

From Brady to Burlington. One final turn on a road potholed with controversy.

"I think that people will get on board, because this is the right thing to do," said Henderson.