Son Killed, Father Hospitalized After Rescue Attempt

A disabled man is killed in a house fire. His father is hospitalized with burns-- from trying to save him. Flames raced through their second story home where they first believed the victim was trapped.

The fire started around 10:30 this morning near 61st and 49th West Avenue.

Sadness grips this neighborhood after Matthew Locust's death. Someone has placed a floral arrangement on the property where Mathew lived with his father Bill.

The smoke could be seen from as far as Glenpool. Callers reported a thick cloud of black smoke. They didn't know what was burning, but instinctively knew it was bad. Even before the firefighters and fire hoses, Tony Oldham and a co-worker were coming home for lunch,

"We drove up and seen the smoke and the older man who lives in the house tried to run out, he said his son was in there," says Neighbor Tony Oldman who helped in the rescue.

Oldham and his friend didn't hesitate to try and help out.

"Me and a friend of mine tried to run back in and go to the stairs, by the time we got to the stairs it was too much flame, too much smoke we just had to get out of there just as soon as we could," says Oldham.

Inside the two story home, a disabled man who did not get out in time though several attempts were made by Oldham, his friends and the victim's father.

"He tried to go in there about 2 or 3 different times and we kept having to snatch him out, but you know you've got a loved one inside there what are you going to do, I don't blame him either," says another man who helped in the rescue.

When firefighters got here they tell us the house was at least 80 percent involved. Too late to try to save the man inside.

"He was reported to have been on the second floor and but as you can see the damage from the fire we found him on the first floor," says Assistant Sapulpa Fire Chief, David Taylor.

A family member tells us Bill Locust is in intensive care. His loss may be even more difficult. They say his wife died last year and then today, he lost his son.