Son, Mother Arrested For Stepfather's Murder In Sapulpa

Scott Christopher Edwards

A woman and her son are behind bars in connection with her husband's death.

Michelle McClain, 52, and Scott Edwards, 30, were arrested Sunday night in a home on west 55th Street near Sapulpa.

They called police to report a shooting inside their home. Officers arrived and found the husband, Ricky Dean McClain, dead on the kitchen floor.

Michelle McClain first told officers that her son Scott had shot Ricky in self defense. She said her husband had been beating and yelling at her.

Officers noticed that Scott Edwards had a gunshot wound on his arm. He told them that Ricky McClain had a gun and shot him first.

However, arrest records show Edwards and his mother changed their stories in police questioning.

Edwards admitted to shooting McClain, shooting himself in the arm and placing the gun in McClain's hand. Edwards and his mother

went on to admit they talked about moving the body and leaving town.

Michelle McClain and Scott Edwards are being held in the Tulsa County Jail without bond.

{}Edwards faces one complaint of first-degree murder while McClain faces one complaint of accessory to first degree murder.