Sooner Defense Acknowledges Poor Showing On Twitter

When it comes to sports, an obvious perk of social media is how it allows athletes to interact with their fan base directly. It's something OU wideout Kenny Stills and safety Tony Jefferson do on a regular basis.

In the case of Jefferson, he acknowledged how badly he and the rest of Oklahoma's defense performed in Saturday's win over Morgantown via Twitter. Jefferson tweeted, "Horrible game by me, you can start the bashing I deserve it. Sorry y'all forreal from the heart . Go ahead ill take it."

To some it would seem odd to invite "tweeters" to bash the Sooner defense, but according to Stills, they feel a certain obligation to reach out to the fans regardless of the game's outcome.

"To [Jefferson's] 15,000 followers or whatever he has, and all of them are saying 'You suck,' he wants to apologize and [Jefferson] expects better from himself also," Stills explained during Monday's media press conference.

At least Jefferson can't be accused of taking accountability for the team's performance. But according to head coach Bob Stoops, accepting the "blame" isn't warranted in Jefferson's case.

"He's being a little too hard on himself," said Stoops. "There were a couple plays he could have made too but there some too that were pretty hard with the guy they had out there."

Stoops is referring to West Virginia's Tavon Austin, the wide receiver who was moved to tailback for the first time in Saturday's game. 344 rushing yards later, it appears that may be a good fit.

Yes, it was 344 yards -- on the ground, in one game.

If Oklahoma's defense suffered any psychological trauma from the Tavon Austin encounter, the Sooners will have to recover quickly with Bedlam coming to Norman Saturday. And it's OU's senior day.

Sounds like a perfect setting for redemption, doesn't it?