Sorority Banned 5 Years For Hazing

Northeastern State University has suspended a sorority for five years after a hazing investigation.

To protect the students involved in the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, NSU officials refused to release details about the two hazing incidents, but they did explain the types of situations that would warrant banning an organization from being on campus.

"I would say whenever a person or persons are harmed or there's a repeat in behavior where we're not seeing change that's what would warrant a suspension for a set amount of time or permanent removal from the university," said Laura Boren, Vice President of Student Affairs at NSU.

Students said they heard that the reported hazing included girls being quizzed while standing in the back of a pickup truck and the driver of the truck would accelerate quickly and throw the girls off if they answered incorrectly.

Alpha Sigma Alpha's national headquarters could not be reached for comment.